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These Thy Gifts
12 x 9 $280.00

Title phrase from a Catholic prayer reminds us that all good things come to us as gifts from God?s bounty. The green of the pineapple leaves and the two green apples create a triangle, from which the purple grapes cascade forward, while the warm colored fruits maintain their partially obscured positions.

From Thy Bounty
14 x 11 $280.00

Title phrase from a Catholic prayer remind us that all good things come to us as gifts from God?s bounty. A humble, perhaps crowded kitchen is implied with the vase and bowl anchoring this compostion. Eggs, carrots and potatoes will become part of a recipe, but much more is implied that cannot be seen on the paper, and light cast from the left through the green vase dapples the purple cloth with a bright sunny green spot.

Space Invader
Wet Watercolor
20 x 15 $280.00

The leaves in the background, slightly out of focus gradually take on the shape of lonely hearts. The foreground leaves almost jumping off the paper at the viewer represent the forces invading a person?s life that may prevent them from attending to the needs of their loved ones, and neglecting their own need for intimacy. Sad casualties of becoming too consumed with work, hobbies, careers and self are lonely hearts left behind, one of which may even be their own.

Mom's Purse
Oil on canvas
24x18 $700.00

The full spectrum of mother?s life and responsibilities are represented in the contents of her purse. Each object has a purpose and as priorities shift to the needs of her family and children, the mother?s own personal needs and cares are pushed aside.

Four Poster
Water Color
24x18 $350.00

Part of an installation called ?Prime of Life?, the double bed represents a time in one?s life of partnership and camaraderie, differentiated from the solitary and dependant life of infancy and childhood, and different too from end-of-life alone-ness. It also represents the place where lovemaking occurs and life is conceived. Finally, it reminds us to cherish the person with whom we share a bed and indeed share a life.

Emotive Still Life
20x15 $250.00

A wine glass and tablet emerging from the dark background are balanced by the simple presence of a tiny grape cluster on the front left. Translucent vessels, one containing sprigs exiting the picture plane, brighten the foreground. Bowls and eggs imply something good to eat might be prepared, and along with the softness of the tablecloth, and the balance of dark and light, a mood of comfort and familiarity is evoked.

Inner Peace

Converging lines in two point perspective represent a life hard angles and complete order. Although a painting on the wall depicts the love between mother and child, the pristine rooms lack the comfortable feeling of home. As the viewer?s eye travels to the center of the painting, a room with a cozy fireplace, hearth and exposed ceiling beams, represent coziness, comfort and peace at the heart of this home.

Inner Peace
Oil on Canvas
24x18 $500.00

Converging lines and bold contrasting colors represent a life full of complexity and sometimes chaos. The starry night sky encroaches to indicate force bigger than ourselves over which we have no control. As the viewer?s eye travels to the center of the painting, a softly colored well-lit room appears symbolizing peace within that can withstand forces without.

Bold Inner Peace

Oil on Canvas



Still Life Runs Deep
Oil in Canvas
18x24 $650.00

Porch pumpkin picked from a patch with her kids
And crisp red apples from orchard forays
Became homemade pies, and the flowers she planted
Were purple and yellow in a green glass vase.

Opposite colors, she painted together
With a favorite coffee mug, cobalt blue
And rumbling beneath the canvas scene
The story line of her life came through.

A full-life, a rich life, her bounty implied
While she suffered the pain and ache
Of a dying marriage in its autumn years
Her still-life ran deeper than any lake.

Four Poster

24x18 $250.00

This simple contour drawing in one point perspective became a model for later works including the installation "Prime of Life". The placement of the vanishing point in the central location, between the pillows is a metaphor for the intimacy of two coming together in love.